Welcome to Norwich Preservation Trust

Saving the heritage of a fine old city.


The Norwich Preservation Trust was formed in 1966 as a joint venture between Norwich City Council and the Norwich Society with the primary purpose to preserve and restore historic buildings in the city.

The Trust regards itself as a ‘restorer of last resort’ and often takes on commercially non-viable projects. As a charitable trust it has access to grants from English Heritage and other charitable bodies and to low interest short term loans from the Architectural Heritage Fund.

The Trust was a founder member of the UK Association of Preservation Trusts and its Surveyor and Secretary, Malcolm Crowder, became its first chairman. Under his guidance the Norwich Preservation Trust became an exemplar for similar bodies in the rest of Britain.

Since 1966 the Trust has saved or restored fine individual buildings like Augustine Steward House in Tombland and unveiled hidden gems like the 16th Century Merchant’s House in Fye Bridge Street (the King of Hearts).