The Trust’s first major collaboration with a private property owner. It was approached by Roy’s of Eaton, owners of a supermarket (now owned by Waitrose) adjacent to the listed property, when the City Council required restoration of a 17th Century cottage and a group of outhouses for residential use as a condition of granting planning permission for site development including an extension to the car park. Roy’s called on the Trust’s expertise, and after some negotiation transferred ownership of the properties for a nominal sum, with an agreement to share any subsequent surplus in agreed proportions.

The project was complicated by negotiations over a right of way to one of the properties within the development which was challenged by the church of St Andrew, Eaton. This was resolved with the help of the City Council and an agreement by the Trust to improve access to the village hall and the church itself. Roy’s recognised the quality of the project by making a contribution toward the costs of these works. The four dwellings resulting from the restoration have been sold on 125-year leases.