The initial resources were an interest free loan from the Norwich Society, matched by the City Council, which also guaranteed another interest free loan of up to £20,000 on a £1 for £1 basis with gifts or donations from other sources. Since those early days the Trust has accessed grants from English Heritage, the City Council, and charitable bodies, also grants and low interest short term loans from the Architectural Heritage Fund.

The Trust is empowered to buy, mortgage, sell and lease land and buildings by borrowing money for this purpose. It is non profit making and operates a ‘revolving fund’ principle whereby it sells on completed projects and uses these capital receipts to fund future projects. This is almost always the case with residential units. Commercial units however are normally kept to produce income which enables commercial loans to be funded and helps cover the operating cost of the trust.

Over the years a number of grants have been secured for specific projects and details of these can be seen on the individual property pages.


The following organisations have kindly provided grant-funding for past and current projects:
- Architectural Heritage Fund
- English Heritage
- John Jarrold Trust
- Norwich City Council
- Norwich Consolidated Charities


Private donations are also a part of our funding.
If you feel that you would like to help the Trust to continue its work by means of a donation or the gift of a legacy, please contact us.